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It's never been easier to build your mobile app

We highly recommend starting out with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), instead of going head first for the full package deal. Why? Because it will get you valuable information on how the core features of your mobile product work for the target user.

Release the main product and optimize your strategies around actual results. Working with an MVP will enable you to make decisions based on real data, not speculations. This way, you’ll have better chances of building a sustainable business on mobile.

Your app mvp input

1. Your Input

We get to understand your idea.
  • Brief: provide us with all the details of your app idea.
  • Preparation: know the market and about the competition.
  • Consultation: we schedule a call to discuss all the details.
  • Mutual NDA: we sign a suitable Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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Roygenix Solution to your mvp idea

2. The Solution

We go to work on your idea.
  • Proposal: we come up with a proposal for your review.
  • Budget: from R 25,000 - have a look at our base pricing.
  • Agree: we decide on the MVP specs and start building it.

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3. Finally, We Deliver

What you get at the end of the project.
  • Your platform of choice: iOS, or Android, or both.
  • A live app: ready for download and to test the market.
  • The IP: all the IP, design & code assets.
  • 12 weeks: or less for a fully built & tested MVP.

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What's next?

After you get your App MVP, you have 2 options:

  • You stick with us.
    We get down to serious business and start expanding your Mobile MVP into a full-stack mobile product right away.
  • You try something else.
    We'll assist you in transitioning to your technical team or any other mobile development company of your choice.

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